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Trojan Naturalamb

Trojan Naturalamb Condoms are latex free and are ideal for couples who want heightened sensitivity. Because they are made of sheep membranes, these give a skin to skin feel that no other condom offers. Even with their water based lubricant, they are as close to all natural as you can get. An adjustable band holds the condom in place making them an excellent option for hard to fit guys. Their naturally thin  and thinner than almost all other condoms on the market. Note: Trojan Naturalamb condoms are a natural animal product. Although they do prevent pregnancy, they are not intended to and do not prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections including HIV. Do not use these if you are trying to prevent the spread of STIs. They have a distinct odor that is different from other latex and non-latex condoms. Also, these stay wet during use but will dry after use. Remove promptly after sex or you may find them hard to remove. Adjustable in size. Standard straight wall shape. Natural animal product. Water based lubricant. No reservoir tip. Looking for something similar? Try Trojan Supra Bareskin or LifeStyles Skyn

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