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Sustain Ultra Thin

Sustain Ultra Thin Condoms are thinner than average at 0.055mm thick and are a popular choice for those that are looking for a classic shaped, ultra thin condom made from natural, soft latex. This unique latex blend is free from casein (a dairy product that is often used as part of the latex blend) and has a lower odor than condoms made from more standard latex blends.  These condoms are free of nitrosamines, dyes and fragrances. They are sustainably produced, Fair Trade and Vegan Certified. And, they’re individually electronically tested to ensure safety. You can feel good about buying from Sustain. This company supports rubber plantations that keep toxins out of the environment. They also pay fair wages and do not rely on child labor. Ten percent of their profits support women’s health care, and their packaging is sustainable. Their products are not tested on animals. Average size: width 52mm. Standard straight wall shape. Latex. Lubricated. Reservoir tip. Looking for something similar? Try L. Ultra Thin or Glyde Ultra

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