Image of Sir Richards Classic Ribbed

Sir Richards Classic Ribbed

Sir Richard's Classic Ribbed Condoms have a traditional design with a touch of texture, perfect for every situation. The ribs are crafted to provide increased sensation and stimulation, while the classic design offers the perfect fit. Think of it as a designer pinstripe suit for your (or your man’s) penis.  All Sir Richard’s condoms are eco-friendly. They are made from 100% natural latex and lubricated with a premium lubricant that is free of parabens, glycerin and spermicide. The latex blend dos not contain casein, which is a milk protein (or any other dairy product). Because of this, Sir Richard’s Condoms are one of only a handful of condom brands that have been certified by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA). Sir Richard's Condoms are vegan-certified and PETA-certified. They are also manufactured to ensure that they have a very minimal latex odor. Why not do something good while you’re doing something good? Sir Richard’s Condoms were created as a way to address the growing global health crisis of lack of condom accessibility. One of the goals of Sir Richard’s Condoms was to produce a superior-quality, safe condom while harnessing the power of this business to donate condoms in regions where condom availability is lacking. For every Sir Richard’s Condom you buy, the company will provide a condom to a developing area. Sir Richard’s is also the exclusive condom partner of RED, and 5% of the proce

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