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Image of XGen USB Body Wand 2.0

XGen USB Body Wand 2.0

Based on the iconic Hitachi Magic Wand, Body Wand’s line of personal massagers are designed for maximum pleasure, both intimate and as a massager. This is a great product for all over body massage or stimulation, whichever you prefer. The wand feels...

Image of XGen Midnight Body Wand

XGen Midnight Body Wand

The XGEN Midnight Body Wand has been described by customers as “something every woman should have” and “great for both novice and experienced.” This body wand is designed for anybody who wants to relax their sore muscles. This product offers vibrations...

Image of XGen Original Body Wand

XGen Original Body Wand

The Xgen Original Body wand is the largest of the 3 offered and is the most powerful. The wand style shape fits smoothly in your hands which lets you comfortably and easily direct the Soft Touch head over and around sore muscles or more intimate areas....