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Image of GO Stix Super-Slim Vibrating Ring

GO Stix Super-Slim Vibrating Ring

The GO Stix Super-Slim Vibrating Ring is the most versatile quickie ring on the block with a super-slim vertical motor that adjusts to your tastes! This unique sex toy for couples features a long and slender vibrating motor attached to a super-stretchy ring that fits closely around the penis and testicles to keep it in place. Made of non-porous SEBS material, this ring stretches to fit almost any size member and provides a pleasantly snug sensation around his most sensitive area. The GO Stix Super-Slim Vibrating Ring is powered by an incredibly powerful motor that packs 13,500 RPMs, making this clever sex toy one of the most powerful and compact disposable couples rings on the market. Its design allows couples to adjust the long and skinny motor’s position to target specific erogenous zones with ease – position it on top for clitoral or labial stimulation or flip it around to massage the perineum and underside of the testicles for a powerful boost. And its discreet compact design makes it the perfect disposable vibrating ring for couples traveling or getting it on while on the go! Whether for sweet clitoral stimulation or a tickling treat for the testicles, the GO Stix Super-Slim Vibrating Ring promotes sweeter, more satisfying sex with a colorful design that keeps couples coming back for more.• Powerful 13,500 RPM vibration• Super-slim vibrating ring• Adjustable shape for versatile use• Perfect for a colorful quickie• Disposable

Sku GSSR-GP-101

UPC 1061303671

Price: $8.50 from Momentum Management

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