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When it comes to choosing a personal lubricant that can be used in just about any situation, Encounter Silk is the way to go. Manufactured by B. Cumming Corporation with over 35 years of experience producing quality products, comes an innovative female lubricant that is a silicone hybrid formula which contains a unique blend of silicone and water. This lubricant is silky and luscious and in no doubt will provide long lasting pleasure and lubrication for hours. Great to use solo, with a partner, and with silicone, latex and plastic toys. This amazing lubricant is non-staining and a provides very easy clean up with just soap and water. What makes Encounter Silk stand out is that fact that it is a 100% vegan product and thankfully contains no animal byproducts of any kind. It's also pH balanced and free from glycerin, parabens, and other harsh ingredients. Encounter Silk comes in an easy to use attractive pump dispenser and is odorless and tasteless. Users love the light texture and the fact that after an easy clean up there is no residue left on your skin. So rest easy, get excited and stock up on your new favorite high quality lubricant!  What people are saying about Taste / Aroma: The Silk lubricant is entirely odor free. I pumped the lube on my finger and could not detect any odor, even after rubbing it and letting my skin heat it up, there was still no odor. This was a great surprise since many lubes have a distinct&

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