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Candy Condom Pop

Looks like the candy companies finally got tired of making penis-shaped lollipops. Not that we can blame them. Have you seen how many penis suckers we sell here at Dozens. There isn’t really any conceptual ground left to tread in that field, and the market’s gotta be pretty saturated at this point. So, what’s the natural next step for a bachelorette party candy manufacturer after penis-shaped lollipops run their course?

Right! Condom-shaped lollipops, of course! Who wouldn’t think of that? It’s so obvious, obviously.

The only thing is, well... take a look at that picture up there. Does that look like a condom to you? Personally, we think they look more like assholes than condoms. But, hey, you never know, it’s 2017 - there might be more girls out there who’d rather lick an asshole than a condom, anyways.

Whether you want to tell the bachelorette it’s a condom or an asshole she’s licking (or make her guess), these Candy Condom Pops are sure to get a hilarious response from the whole party. Even better, if you stock your party with a mix of traditional penis pops and these, your party guests are sure to weave some spectacular sucker stories. The only limit is your imaginations. And your tolerance of sugar.

Candy Condom Pops come in six colors: red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and pink - and each color is a different fruity flavor. They also say one of three suggestive phrases on the wrapper: “Lick Me,” “Suck Me,” or “Bite Me.”

Each item you add to your cart is one candy condom pop. You will receive a random color lollipop. If you order more than one, we will do our best to ensure you receive a variety, but we cannot guarantee it.

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